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For PPPs, if you submit to employees as a freelancer, there is a very specific calculation for the amount of your loan. Did you apply some time ago? If so, it could have been before the publication of this guide. In any case, you can read it in the Treasury Guidelines on the Calculation of PPP Amounts by Type of Business. You may need to share it with your lender if you think they are not calculating your loan amount correctly. Short answer: No, the provisional rules explicitly state that employers are not allowed to include independent contractors in their credit calculations. Hello, thank you very much for providing this information. I own a single-member LLC. I applied in the first round of the PPP. Meanwhile, there was NO section for me to set my schedule C line 31. I only got money for my 3 employees. I then applied for unemployment and just received a notification that will receive money.

However, I am so confused because I just read an article that you cannot get unemployment if you get the PPP. But my PPP didn`t contain any money that I could pay for myself! I have already received the PPP and money will be in my account every day for unemployment. Should I try to cancel the PPP loan I received from my bank and try to reapply to another bank to include me? I still have some income, but not enough to cover my bills and pay myself. Will it have an effect if I try to maintain unemployment, or do I have to repay unemployment anyway because I got the PPP! In addition to the tax records you used to calculate your loan amount, you will need the following documents: A person who reported $50,000 in net business income in 2019 is eligible to receive a fully forgivable loan of $10,400 over an eight-week period. After that, any additional PPP funds you receive must be spent on business expenses to be allocated. You can use the SBA`s Lender Matching Tool to find eligible SBA-accredited lenders that still offer PPP loans, or you can take a shortcut and apply to Funding Circle. No matter who you work with, you have until May 31, 2021 to submit your PPP loan application. Erin – Yes, I understand he can add them up, but they can`t exceed the equivalent of $100,000 a year. Today, however, is Wednesday, February 24. It appears that the formula for the self-employed in Schedule C will change from line 31 to line 7. We are awaiting advice from the SBA and will update this article as soon as we have it.

Some lenders require a business bank account, but this is not a requirement of the program per se. It would be wise for him to consider opening one if he wants to continue working as an independent contractor. Did you receive a 1099 in 2019 or 2020? You are entitled to the PPP! The SBA released a major change to the PPP program in early March that affects gig workers and the self-employed. Not only does it make PPP loans more accessible, but this rule also allows for larger loan applications for smaller businesses. One of the most confusing aspects of the Paycheque Protection Program (PPP) is how to apply for a PPP loan if you are self-employed, even if you are a 1099 contractor or an gig worker. However, it seems that it depends on the status of your loan if you can get a higher loan amount. The information that the SBA provides to lenders indicates that a lender may cancel a PPP loan application and submit a new application on behalf of the borrower to the point where the loan funds were paid to the borrower, but a Form 1502 (Loan Report) was not submitted by the lender to the SBA. (The borrower should first repay the loan.) I understand that the lender is asking you to submit your Schedule C to verify the amount of your loan. If you want to use 2020, you can use a preliminary C schedule, but the SBA recommends that it be accurate. Can you fill out a preliminary form to determine the loan amount? Hello! I have a (?) Situation.

I am a business owner (LLC, I am the owner and the only employee). I am also an independent contractor for a separate business that has nothing to do with my business. When I work for them, they pay me, the entrepreneur, not my business. In 2020, I applied for the second round of PPP for MY SMALL BUSINESS. I was approved and have since submitted my documents/requests for forgiveness (which have also been approved, yay!). I know that MY business is not eligible for the second wave of PPPs as I do not show any quarterly or gross income loss between 2019 and 2020, so I am not interested in applying for this business again. But I`m also an independent contractor receiving 1099 for a completely different business. I worked as an entrepreneur for them in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

I now have my 1099 2019 and 2020 available so I can compare my 2019 entrepreneur income to the 2020 entrepreneur`s income. My job was in nursing homes, so as you can imagine, in 2020 compared to 2019 as an entrepreneur, I lost a significant amount of income (over $10,000; the increase in my company`s profits didn`t cover that amount of total income loss!). I have never accumulated unemployment and both entities (my business and I, the independent contractor) are filed in separate Schedules C of my tax return. I would like to apply for the PPP based on my losses now known to independent contractors, but every time I apply, I am asked if I own a business that has already received a PPP. If I answered yes on other application pages, I am not allowed to respond to the PPP request. How do I apply as an independent contractor without having business owner status bother me? Tips on where to go or what to do? Thank you in advance. I work as an independent contractor in the real estate services sector. When the PPP application procedure took place on the 10th. Open to independent contractors, the documents required at the time only included form MISC 2019 1099 to display the total salaries/commissions earned.

It wasn`t until the following week, April 14, that Form 1040 Schedule C became a requirement. I submitted my application on the 10th and was approved the next day, on the 11th, before the provisional final rule of the SBA. My loan was closed and financed without the need for additional documents. Although the total amount of the loan I am or was eligible for would not have changed due to the difference between my 1099 amounts and those in Schedule C, I wanted to ask if my loan is still “good” and “acceptable” without ever having to file Schedule C, or do I have to file it when it`s time to apply for a rebate? My gross revenue for Q2 2020 was less than 75% of Q2 2019, so I qualify for a second PPP draw. .

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