Nursery & Pre-Nursery Admission Schedule: 2023-24 Entry Class.

Nursery & Pre-Nursery Admission Schedule: 2023-24 Entry Class Download Admission Form    Information relating to admission for entry classes, 2023-24. Forms would be available free from the school website:-   Documents Required:- Date of birth certificate (photocopy) Residence proof. (Driving licenses/Passport/Bank copy/Rent Deed (for last-six months/ any other.) Passport-size photos… Continue reading

Bala Concept

BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) is an innovative concept towards qualitative improvement in education, through developing child-friendly, learning and fun based physical environment building in school infrastructure. This concept was originally developed by Vinyas, Centre for Architectural Research & Design with support from UNICEF. Several teachers and Head Masters of… Continue reading