Price List Sample Format

The advantage of the price list with customer list is that you can create price lists with custom prices much faster. This template is specifically designed for services and can be used for a variety of business types, from web development to hair salons. There is room to provide a description and the associated price (hourly rate or project sum) for each service. You can also assign services an identification number for another level of organization. Update the price list regularly to ensure accuracy and avoid misunderstandings with customers. This version of the template includes 2 separate spreadsheets to list the prices of your products or services. Both spreadsheets include the drop-down menu associated with the customer list worksheet, allowing you to select your customer and include all customer-related details in the price list. This version offers the ability to set up a discount percentage individually for each customer on your list, so you can specify a discounted unit price for your customers in addition to the regular unit price. This table is extremely easy to use.

There are not even formulas in it. Some suggestions on how to use or customize it are included to the right of each price list spreadsheet. Track and compare supplier prices with this Excel template. The table contains columns for multiple vendors that display prices per item based on the quantity you entered. The template automatically calculates the total cost, including taxes and shipping costs, and you can customize the sheet by adding rows for other fees or discounts. You can also customize the template to display services and hourly rates instead of product prices. Just like a more formal quote, you can include a number of dates in your price list to indicate how long your prices are valid. You should at least include a note about the date of the last price update. This way, when your customer calls and mentions a certain price, you can find out which version of the price list they might be looking at. A variety of companies can use price lists – from supermarkets to companies that offer services – to manage inventory, inform consumers about available products and current prices, and create references for business-to-business (B2B) transactions between companies and suppliers. A price list can also be useful when training new employees so that they can easily access pricing information.

Finally, a business can use the list to display differences in wholesale, retail, and mass prices. All price lists are professionally designed and can be customized to meet the needs of small businesses and individuals. In addition, the templates include a section to specify the validity period of the price list so that your customers know what to expect when they buy from you. Finally, you should review your list and update it regularly. A price list is a simple and useful tool as long as the information it contains is correct. Our free price list template can help you create a professional-looking price list for your products or services to share with your customers. The template is designed so that you can print on paper or in a PDF file, depending on how you want to share it. Or, if you just want to use it as a starting point for your own recordings, that`s fine too. The advantage of using our free price list templates is that you can create a professional-looking price list for your products or services that you can print on paper or convert to PDF to share with your customers. This model is intended to simplify daily work.

In addition, in the customer list price list template offered at the bottom of this page, you can also specify a percentage discount for each of your customers individually and use that percentage to calculate the discounted price for your products or services. A detailed price list can help companies manage their inventory and provide clear information to customers. Use this template to create a retail or wholesale price sheet with unit and bulk prices. List items by category to ensure effective organization and usability. Add company contact information and any other notes that customers need to keep in mind. This template contains 3 separate spreadsheets to list products, services, or products with bundled prices. Check out the screenshots above to see each of these different price lists. Just like most of our spreadsheet templates, this template also includes a parameter worksheet that allows you to configure the 3 price list worksheets included in that template at once. You can quickly update your company information and even specify the currency of your price lists. The template provides a version to list the prices of your products, services, and products with a bulk pricing option on separate spreadsheets. Benefit from fast, simple and free price sheet templates for professional and personal use.

Below are price lists for products, services, retail stores, commercial suppliers, and specific industries such as photography and weddings. Download templates for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF and Google Sheets. All price lists are designed and customizable by professionals, making them suitable for small businesses or individuals. If you need to make an offer to sell to a customer, this template allows you to create a detailed list of goods or services, quantities, prices, and total costs, including taxes and shipping costs. Add a quote number and customer ID for tracking, and then add an expiration date so customers know how long the listing will be valid. Here you will also find sections with contact details, a company logo and terms and conditions. This price sheet template contains columns for product numbers, descriptions, and prices. The simple layout makes it easy to search for products and sort items. Use the Date Range field to tell customers if the prices listed are valid.


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